The College of Business at Southern Arkansas University will be an organization where excellence is expected and experienced.

  • Students will experience and contribute to excellence in and out of the classroom that prepares them to live and work with distinction and integrity.
  • Faculty will expect excellence from students, cultivate quality relationships with students, other faculty, alumni, and corporate partners, and contribute their best in achieving the vision and mission of the College and University.
  • Administration will provide leadership by securing resources and support that enables students and faculty to reach and maintain excellence that is recognized worldwide.


The College of Business at Southern Arkansas University shapes future business leaders and equips them to succeed in the global economy through our high quality undergraduate and graduate business programs.

Our core values drive us to accomplish this mission with excellence.

We value:

  • Student Success:  The College fosters personal and professional development that transforms student potential into career performance.
  • Teaching for Excellence:  The College supports a stimulating environment for rich experiential learning, with relevant curricula, innovative teaching, and scholarly inquiry applied to inventive instructional methods and real business questions.
  • Personal and Professional Integrity:  The College values ethical behavior, mutual respect, and collegiality.
  • Continuous Improvement:  The College seeks to be a leader in the University and in the region through an unyielding pursuit of excellence.
  • Community Engagement:  The College develops mutually beneficial relationships with alumni, friends, industry, and the surrounding community.
  • A Personal Environment:  The College cultivates an atmosphere of individual attention, while emphasizing teamwork.
  • Environmental Sustainability:  The College strives to instill awareness of environmental sustainability in students and to provide eco-friendly educational services that are produced through environmentally sustainable processes.