What to bring

Here are a few items you might consider bringing with you when you come to live on campus.

What to Bring

Can’t Live Without

Twin bedspread, sheets and mattress pad
Pillow and pillow cases
Towels, hand towels and washcloths
Personal grooming products
Shower caddy
Laundry supplies
Clothes hangers
Alarm clock
Trash can
School supplies
Surge protection
Cleaning supplies

Up to You

Computer and printer
Sports equipment
Bicycle and lock
Lamp (not halogen)
Iron and ironing board
Dry-erase/bulletin board; Message board
TV; Video/DVD/music player
Rug, carpet, or curtains
Storage containers (Bookshelves, plastic crates or drawers, etc.)
Pictures, posters, and mementos
Plates, bowls, cups, flatware, can opener
Microwave (not to exceed 1 cubic ft. or 700 watts)
Refrigerator (under 20 amps/220 watts & 5 cubic ft.)
Wax Warmers

Out of the Question

Extra refrigerators and microwaves
Candles, incense or flammable decorations
Halogen lights
Satellite dishes
Toasters, hotplates, or cooking grills
Pets (with the exception of fish)
Unapproved bed raisers (cinder blocks)
Rope lights, party lights (hung from ceiling)
Nails, screws, or anything that could damage the walls