About Institutional Research


Fall Enrollment by Gender – 2000 – 2011

In a shared-governance environment, such as that found at SAU, there is openness and an expectation that current, accurate information is freely shared between the administration and stakeholder groups. The information from Institutional Research (IR) is heavily relied upon to provide accurate institutional data that demonstrates trends and allows comparison to peer institutions.

Institutional Research (IR) collects and reports data on issues related to operation of the University  including, but not limited to, enrollment, student semester credit hour production, retention, graduation,  faculty and staff, and financial aid. IR is responsible for preparing reports for submission to the ADHE  and to the Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System (IPEDS). IR also maintains current and  longitudinal data on these measures and provides an annual summary in the SAU Fact Book.  When requested, IR extracts and provides data as needed by faculty and staff.

Data Reports by Topic

Faculty Research Grants Program Reports