The Academic Advising and Assistance Center plays the key role of directing students in developing meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals. The AAAC provides accurate advisement based on the current catalog, responds to student needs, and targets specific populations for specialized services. Academic advising is viewed as a continuous process of clarification and evaluation with the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about life goals and educational plans resting with the student. Academic advising assists students by helping to identify and assess alternatives and the consequences of decisions.

Freshman students beginning classes during a fall semester will initially register at freshman orientation (BAM).  You will meet with an advisor from the AAAC during your orientation session who will assist you with advising and registration.  Subsequent pre-registration advising sessions while assigned to the AAAC will require an appointment (see the Academic Advising Syllabus for important dates).

The Academic Advising and Assistance Center strives to meet each student’s advising needs. Our professional staff works hard to provide knowledgeable and accurate advising assistance to the students. We also make it a priority to provide personalized attention to each student.

Your advisor can:

  • help you to identify educational interests or career goals
  • help you to select appropriate courses
  • help you to register for classes
  • review the current SAU catalog and schedule of classes with you
  • review academic policies and procedures with you
  • answer your academic questions
  • refer you to support services on campus
  • connect you with faculty
  • help monitor your academic progress

In the Academic Advising Center, we expect you to:

  • learn the name and office location of your advisor
  • schedule appointments in advance and come prepared with your preferred courses and/or questions
  • become familiar with general education requirements, graduation requirements, and degree program requirements
  • consult with your advisor regarding changes in your schedule or to drop/add classes
  • consult with your advisor when you experience academic difficulty
  • consult with your advisor regarding changing your major, transferring to another college, or withdrawing from college

Visit the AAAC for:

  • Freshmen advising
  • Undeclared student advising
  • Transient student advising
  • Non-degree student advising
  • Pre-nursing student advising