Faculty/Staff Mentoring Information

The Role of a Mentor:

The Mulerider Mentoring program is your opportunity to assist freshman academic and personal concerns. A mentor is a caring faculty/staff member who devotes time to a college student. Mentors all have a common goal: to help students achieve their potential and discover their strengths. Their role is to encourage academic and personal development to address participants’ needs by providing support and advice.

Mentors provide consultation on:

  • Adjusting to college life
  • Maintaining academic standards
  • Developing productive study skills
  • Exploring careers/majors & setting career goals
  • Making healthy choices about day-to-day college experiences
  • Encouraging positive self-esteem
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Utilizing campus resources
  • Staying motivated and focused


  1. Initial meeting with mentees at BAM or at assigned later date to
    become acquainted.
  2. Maintain contact with mentees throughout the fall and spring
    semesters via phone, e-mail, and face-to-face meetings. It is
    encouraged that you have at least three face-to-face meetings
    per semester with your mentees.
  3. Submit mentee contact forms to the mentor coordinator. These
    forms will provide support and serve as an early intervention tool
    for your mentees.


The relationship between the mentor and the student is based on truth, honesty, and confidentiality. A mentor is not expected to know all the answers. You should know your limitations and have good knowledge of referral sources for the student. You are not expected to divulge detailed, personal information about your student unless the student talks about issues such as suicide, harming another person, or if you suspect child abuse or neglect. If at any time you are concerned for a student’s safety, please consult with the SAU Office of Counseling and Testing.

Suggested Activities:

  • Send your mentees care packages during mid-term, finals, or both
  • Meet at a restaurant to eat – either as a gift or dutch treat
  • Offer to meet mentees at college or local entertainment (plays, movies, music productions, etc.)
  • Offer to meet them for an active event (college games, exercise, intramural games, etc.)
  • Send a “Thinking of You!” message to your mentees
  • Be creative – create your own mentoring activities