Mulerider Mentoring

The faculty and staff at Southern Arkansas University look forward to assisting the new students through the Mulerider Mentoring program. The goal of this program is to assist students in their transition to the University. As students join the Mulerider family, they will be assigned to a mentor at the University who will be available to answer questions composed of SAU administrators, faculty, and staff who volunteer to assist new students with their transition. The mentors will continue to be available to help new students familiarize and adjust to their new educational environment and to assist them in individual ways as they arise.

Meet your mentor

1. Complete the mentoring participation form on the SAU website.
2. Mentors will meet with new students at BAM- Becoming a Mulerider. Students that attend late registration will be matched with a mentor at the beginning of the fall semester.

How does the Mulerider Mentoring begin?

After students meet their mentors, the goal is for the students and mentors to interact to make the students feel welcome at SAU. The mentors will be contacting the students on a regular basis to check on the students. Activities could include one-on-one meetings, or as a small group, or attend one of the many educational, cultural, or athletic events sponsored by the university.

Role of the Student

Students please keep in mind that we encourage you to take the initiative to go visit with your mentor. If you are ever in need or just have a question, simply check in with your mentor.

Benefits of Having a Mentor:

This program provides the opportunity for students to build relationships with administration, faculty, and staff. It gives the students a chance to become acquainted with someone who is personally interested in the student’s well-being and who can assist with the changes of university life.