Scheduling Tips

Here are some important considerations for planning your next semester:

  • Choose your classes. Use the SAU undergraduate catalog plus the degree plan for your degree program to find the classes you need for particular degree programs. The undergraduate catalog also has class descriptions and information about prerequisite courses. Prerequisite courses are not always listed in the Schedule of Classes. You must check the catalog.
  • Select the best day and time for each class. Use the Schedule of Classes the to find class meeting times and locations. Be sure to choose alternate selections, too, in case your first choices are closed.
  • Schedule your advising appointment during the registration period (870-235-5175). You must have an appointment to register for courses. Bring your list of classes and alternates to your advising appointment, along with any questions you might have. Your advisor will help you resolve any concerns you have and make sure you’re on track for your program during your appointment.
  • You are not officially registered in your classes until your fees are paid. If your fees are not paid on the due date for each semester, your registration will be cancelled. If you are receiving financial aid, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is in order. If in doubt, contact the Financial Aid Office to see if they have granted your financial aid. Contact our Business Office for questions about your bill at 870-235-4013.
  • Review the Academic Advising Syllabus for helpful information regarding the advising process.