Faculty of Southern Arkansas University may place course materials for their students to use on reserve at the Check Out Desk of the Library. A Reserve Request Form must be completed by the faculty requesting reserves and may be picked up at the Library.

Items may only be placed on reserve Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please allow for a minimum of 24 hours for submitted materials to be processed.

To request items be placed on reserve in the library, please complete our electronic request form: Reserve Materials Request Form

Please note that items being placed on reserve may be subject to copyright guidelines located at the bottom of this page.

For further questions, please contact Del Duke at (870) 235-4174 or Nicole Szadziewicz at (870) 235-4175 .

Reserve Copyright Guidelines

Magale Library will adhere to these copyright guidelines for print material reserves.

Permissible Items

1. Original copies of books and audio-visual items owned by the library or faculty member.

2. A single photocopy of :

        a.  an article

        b.  a chapter from a book

        c.  a short story

        d.  a short essay

        e.  a short poem

        f.  a chart, graph, cartoon, drawing or picture from a book.

A single photocopy may only be placed on reserve for one semester. When possible, the library will seek to purchase an original copy of the book or journal/magazine issue containing the photocopied resource (if not already owned by the library). The library will seek copyright permissions for resources that original copies are not able to be purchased.

Material Requiring Permission

1)  Workbooks, standardized tests, exercises, or any consumable work.

2)  Collective works or anthologies created by the instructor to be used together as the basic text for a course.

3)  Photocopied items put on reserve by the same instructor from semester to semester.

Obtaining Copyright Permission

Magale Library will obtain permission for faculty members.  The faculty member is required to give Magale Library a complete bibliographic citation of the item in question.  If Magale Library is unable to purchase an original copy of the book or journal/magazine, or obtain copyright permission, the item will not be put on reserve.

Recommended Copyright Websites:




1.  United States Code.  Title 17 ss107.

2. American Library Association (ALA). Copyright.

For more information on SAU’s intellectual and copyright policies, please see Intellectual Property and Copyright Policies found in the SAU Faculty Handbook.