Online and Distance Student Resources and Services

Online or distance learning students are individuals who take courses primarily online and are only on SAU’s campus 1-2 times per semester.  These students usually live more than two hours away. In contrast, on-campus students are on SAU’s campus regularly throughout the semester.

Whether you are an online, distance, or on-campus student, the Magale Library staff members strive to provide the best quality resources and services to support learning both on and off-campus. Our online resources include electronic journals, newspapers, books, and a variety of other materials to assist you with your information needs.

Magale Library Video Tutorials and Research Assistance

Need help getting started or are you not sure how to locate and use resources?  Our video tutorials can help!

Magale Library Video Tutorials

Individual library research and instruction assistance is also provided via email and virtual classrooms. To request either of these services please call the Library at (870) 235-4170, email us at:  or use our online Contact Us form.

Online Resources Access

Currently enrolled SAU students, faculty, and staff members may access the Library’s online resources both on and off-campus. Off-campus users will need their SAU login to access resources. If you do not have this information, please call the Library at (870) 235-4170 for assistance.

Online Databases and E-Book Collections

Our online databases include electronic versions of articles from journals and newspapers, as well as images, and many other materials. Our online ebook collections include electronic version of books across multiple subject categories.  There are three primary ways to access these materials: search the individual database directly using the “Databases By Title” Web page, search the individual electronic book collections using the “E-Book Collections by Title” Webpage, or search multiple databases using our “Search Electronic Collections” tool located in the top-right of the Library’s Web page. The “Search Electronic Collections” tool will help you search resources by subject areas.

Requesting Books and Journal Articles from Magale Library

Magale Library supports SAU online and distance education students by providing quality information resources through online content as well as print materials.  When possible, instruction will be given to online and distance students on how to locate online resources as primary research resources.

If online resources are insufficient for distance students’ information needs, Magale Library will loan Magale-owned books and articles to these students.  Online and distance students must request items using Magale Library’s online loan form, located on the Online and Distance Learning Resources and Services Web page (below), and indicate that he/she is an online or distance student needing the materials for an online class being taken at SAU. Magale will only ship requested library-owned books to SAU online and distance students.  All other students will be required to visit Magale in order to retrieve materials.  Items shipped to distance students will be loaned with an extended check-out period of 60 days.

Prior to the end of the 60 day loan period, distance education students will ship the library loaned items back to Magale Library using the original mailer the item(s) were delivered in and provided return label.  Additionally, these students will be required to ship all items using UPS or FedEx shipping services since these companies track and insure packages.

NOTE: Interlibrary Loans for Distance Education Students

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) items are items that Magale Library borrows from other libraries.  Magale Library does borrow ILL article items for distance students.  However, ILL book items will only be borrowed for students if they live less than 2 hours from Magnolia.  The library will borrow these items from other libraries, then give the student the option to pick up the items or have the library ship the items to the distance student.

ILL book items are typically NOT loaned to distance students living more than 2 hours from Magnolia due to limited loan periods and extended shipping times.  As an alternative, distance students (living more than 2 hours from Magnolia) should make ILL requests from their local library.  Magale Library will reimburse the student for any interlibrary loan fees up to $20.00 per interlibrary loan, up to 10 reimbursements per semester.  In order to receive reimbursement, the student must provide a receipt with the library’s name, name of patron, name of borrowed material, and the cost listed.

Online and Distance Student Book and Journal Article Request Forms

If you are an online or distance student and would like to borrow an item from the library, we are happy to assist you.  Please use the forms below:

Academic Integrity

The mission of Southern Arkansas University empowers all members of the University community to develop and encourage learning environments that create, expand, acquire, share, evaluate, and communicate knowledge. Academic integrity at SAU is an organizational and individual responsibility to honesty in all learning experiences. Students, faculty, and staff share responsibility for maintaining the highest standards for academic integrity. This policy focuses on the academic integrity in course- related work, its basis and context is applicable to all.
Any act of dishonesty in academic work constitutes academic misconduct and is subject to disciplinary action. Acts of dishonesty include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, cheating, and fabrication.

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