Policies & Guidelines

University Site Content

Websites for all University departments and programs must be housed within and created using University guidelines and resources. Our web content management system is highly flexible and allows creation of sites, blogs, photo albums and more while operating within Federal accessibility guidelines and in a manageable server environment. Class information should be housed inside Blackboard.

Sites that must be housed inside the web.saumag.edu content management system include those who:

  1. contain forms or other content and/or files required by students to complete any University process
  2. relate to recruiting and/or retention initiatives
  3. contain official information for any program, department, or initiative within the University
  4. contain content necessary for course success
    1. Please note: Blackboard is the preferred location for course specific information.

Sites that can exist outside the University systems:

  1. Faculty/Staff personal and/or professional sites or blogs.

Value of the University content management system:

  1. Operates as both a “page” based website and a blog or news/announcement engine
  2. Simple 1-click photo albums
  3. Makes all content searchable
  4. Easy to use administrative interface
  5. Flexible themes and design options
  6. Quickly add widgets and plugins to provide a variety of additional features and content
  7. Regularly backed up

Keeping Current

Every SAU college, academic department and administrative office with an active public Internet or page (or pages) accessible via any saumag.edu domain must review that page (or pages) before the beginning of each semester to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Initial site development

All new sites or existing sites being migrated into WPMU and/or significantly overhauled must go through the new site process.

Content Management

After training, departmental content managers are expected to regularly make content changes applicable to their areas of responsibility. Prior to training departments are expected to submit regular changes to the Web Site Coordinator as necessary to maintain current information.