Copy Center Tips

Price List

The Copy Center price list provides detailed information regarding the cost of our services.

The Print Ticket

  • Example copy ticketMake sure to mark the various other features that are required, such as stapled, folded, color paper, etc.
  • If color prints are desired, please specify it in the “Other” field.
  • If a print job is two sided and the number of originals is odd, round up to the next even number.
  • It is recommended that you bring in your copy job with the ticket accurately completed according to the above tutorial. This will allow us to complete the job quickly. Blank ticket pads are provided at the front desk if this is not possible.
  • Please provide both versions of a copy ticket (the white sheet and color sheet) when submitting a job. The color sheet acts as your receipt following a job completion and also allows us to properly mark your job when it is placed on the shelf for pickup.
  • If you bring in books to be bound, please specify the number of pages in each book on the copy ticket. We need this number in order to properly charge the request.

Important Reminders

  • We cannot accept a print job unless we are provided an appropriate account number. The Copy Center does not have a list of valid account numbers. Please ensure that the account number provided is accurate.
  • When submitting a test for copies, please do not give them to student workers. If sending a student worker of your own to have a test copied, please properly mark it as a test or place it in an envelope or folder.
  • Please provide the Copy Center with a fair window of time to complete a job. We cannot promise to complete a job in time if it’s brought in only a few hours before it’s needed. This is especially important during the first and last weeks of the semester, as we experience an increased amount of copy requests during this time.
  • If you would like to submit a print request digitally, please use the online  form
  • The form allows you to thoroughly describe the print request, including paper size, print type (color, black/white), and a Notes/Comments section for specific details. You can attach up to 4 documents to a request, with max. size limit per file of 2 MB. Larger files must be emailed directly to Derek Hall and Vicki Butler. Upon submitting a request, an email notification will be sent to Derek Hall and Vicki Butler. Upon print completion, we will send a reply to let you know it’s ready to be picked up.