Parking Information

Southern Arkansas University provides parking to students, faculty, and staff “By Permit Only,” primarily to allow the University to insure adequate parking.

Officers of the University Police Department are able to reach the operators of vehicles much more easily by using a permit number rather than a tag number should there be an emergency or other event involving the registered vehicle.

The officers of the Southern Arkansas University Police Department are Arkansas-commissioned Police officers and provide police services to the University community, assisted by the Magnolia Police Department and the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

If you happen to fall victim to a crime, please call the University Police Department. We will assist you in any way and conduct any needed investigations into on-campus criminal activity. The University Police Department is also a victim-oriented department, and will assist with the appropriate referrals regardless of your desire to prosecute.

Again, welcome to Southern Arkansas University. Together, we can continue to keep Southern Arkansas University, a pleasant place to study, work, and live.

Parking Areas

All persons parking on campus may park only in areas with clearly marked, white parking stripes and a non-yellow curb unless otherwise indicated. Drivers acting at the direction of a police officer or a person designated to assist a police officer will not be cited for any violations committed due to that person’s direction.

Blue faculty areas are reserved for faculty and staff parking. Blue curbed areas are not observed between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and on weekends, provided the vehicle is displaying a valid SAU permit.

Reserved spaces indicated by signs (such as reserved, 10-minute parking, residence hall director, friends of the library, etc.) are to be observed at all times.

Any parking spaces, other than handicapped, fire lanes, reserved, or no parking zones, are open to any vehicle with a valid SAU permit between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and on weekends.

Service drives are restricted to service, delivery, police, and emergency vehicles at all times. Commercial parking areas are reserved for loading and unloading by commercial vehicles conducting business on the University campus.

Motorcycle spaces are reserved by sign for motorcycles only. Motorcycles may also park in any legal parking space while displaying a valid permit.


Southern Arkansas University assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle or private property. Therefore, all unattended vehicles parked on campus should be locked and properly secured by turning off the ignition and removing the keys from the vehicle.

The registrant of the permit is held responsible for the proper parking of that vehicle regardless of who may be the operator.

Vehicles may not be repaired anywhere on campus. (Does not include changing a flat or jump starting.)

All vehicles must stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk.

All vehicles must be parked within 18 inches of the curb.

When parallel parking, vehicles should travel in the same direction traffic flows.

All traffic regulations enforced in the City of Magnolia and the State of Arkansas are enforced on the campus.

It is the responsibility of the owner or operator of a disabled vehicle to contact the UPD and advise of the status and location of the vehicle. The owner or operator must ensure that the vehicle does not interfere with the normal flow of traffic or interfere with access by emergency vehicles.

Any person who receives a parking citation is required to contact the SAU Business Office about payment arraignments. The total amount of the reinstatement fee will be accepted by mail.

All parking citations may be appealed to the appropriate committee within five (5) working days from the date the citation was issued. Those filing appeals may make a written statement instead of appearance; however, this must be indicated on the appeals form for the appeal to be accepted in the absence of the appellant.

Special Permits

Persons who are not enrolled, employed, or otherwise affiliated with the University but are on campus may request a visitor permit from the University Police Department. If a campus visitor receives a parking citation, the visitor should mail or take the citation to the University Police Department(Bruce Center 212).

Temporary permits are good until the expiration date written on the permit by the University Police Department staff. You must complete the appropriate information, pay for the permit, and then take the receipt to the University Police Department to obtain the permit.

A replacement permit is free if the owner presents the remains of the old permit to the Business Office.

Parking citations will be issued starting the first class day of each semester and will be issued every day of the semester thereafter. Any false or incorrect information given at the time of registration will automatically render the permit void. Vehicles illegally parked will subject the vehicle to being impounded, immobilized, or towed at the owner’s expense and/or one citation per hour being issued on the vehicle. Handicapped parking will be in effect 24 hours per day.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles must have a permit to park on campus at any time. Parking permits are secured by both completing a vehicle registration card and paying the required fee at the Business Office (Overstreet 113). Permits will not be issued to any person with outstanding citations. All permits, regardless of issue date, are valid from August 15 of the year indicated on the permit to August 15 of the following year.

The permit is not valid until it is visible and properly and completely displayed on the exterior lower passenger side corner of the rear window using the manufacturer’s adhesive on the permits. The permit is not valid if cut, trimmed, or altered in any way. Motorcycles must display permits on the left front fork and the permit must be free of obstruction.  Convertibles may display permits on the exterior lower passenger side corner of the front windshield.

Permits displayed in any other manner will be considered void and will constitute a violation.

A hold will be placed on student’s record and vehicles may be subject to towing if the citations are not settled with 10 calendar days. Vehicles on campus without permits are subject to being towed anytime at owner’s expense. Outstanding fines or other fees may be levied against an Arkansas income tax return.

Registration Fees

Fall / Spring Semester $25
Summer I Session $15
Summer II Session $10


Occasional changes may occur during the school year which may not be reflected in this edition of the Parking and Traffic Regulations. For updated information, contact the University Police Department during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at the Childs building, Room 210, P.O. Box 9331, Magnolia, AR 71754-9331, (870) 235-4100. The rules reflected herein and any changes are current and supersede any previous editions of SAU Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations.