Citation Information

Southern Arkansas University Police Officers have the authority to issue both University citations and municipal court citations. Provided below is information regarding the appeals process and fines for University Citations. If you have any questions regarding a City of Magnolia Municipal Court citation, please contact the municipal court during business hours at 870-234-2323.

University Parking Violations

General Parking Violations

  • Parking in a handicapped parking space – $50
  • Parking on the grass – $10 + damages
  • Parking in or on service drive, crosswalk, or sidewalk – $10
  • Parking more than 18″ from curb – $10
  • Violation of posted sign – $10
  • Failure to park within lines of parking space – $10
  • Parking (all others) not defined – $10
  • Parking in Fire Lane (red curb) – $25
  • Parking in manner which obstructs parked or moving vehicles, double-parked – $10
  • Parked in No Parking Zones – $10
  • Parking on wrong side of street – $10

Registration Violations

  • Failure to display a registration permit – $25
  • Failure to display a registration permit properly – $10
  • Using fictitious, altered, stolen, or lost permit – $25
  • Improper transfer of permit – $25
  • Falsifying registration information – $25

Miscellaneous Violations

  • Repairing vehicle on campus – $10

Citation Appeal Process

To appeal a University parking citation, the following process should be followed:

Person receiving citation should contact the Office of Student Life and request a citation appeal form within five (5) days from issuance of the citation. Upon receiving the appeal form, the Office of Student Life will provide the date the appellant should appear at the appeals court. Ordinarily, a person will be required to appear in the appeals court hearing to provide testimony. A person who fails to appear without giving notice will be required to pay the citations and will also lose any further right to appeal. Persons wishing to appeal a decision of the appropriate appeals committee may do so only to the Magnolia Municipal Court.