Emergency Preparedness System

Southern Arkansas University has established a multi-layered approach to emergency preparedness. This approach was developed and modeled with the Incident Life Cycle in mind. The Incident Life Cycle includes; Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation.

Southern Arkansas University has established an Emergency Operations Plan to lay the foundation for emergency planning and response. This plan also establishes Response and Resource Teams to aid the university community in times of crisis and sets standards for continuous review of policies and procedures.

Since communication is a high priority in an emergency, Southern Arkansas University has installed a network of mass notification systems. Prior to the fall semester of 2007, Southern Arkansas University installed a campus-wide outdoor warning system which allows for broadcast messages and warning tones to alert the campus community of impending emergencies.  Southern Arkansas University utilizes Rave Alert to notify students, faculty, and staff via text messaging, phone, web, and e-mail in the event of emergencies on campus.  Southern Arkansas University also partnered with the Arkansas Crime Information Center to offer AlertXpress, a phone, fax, and e-mail mass notification system for parents and local community members. SAU also utilizes an internal “Emergency” e-mail system.  To further ensure that the university community can be reached in an emergency, the University Police Department, along with Information Technology Services, has installed an emergency broadcast alert system called Alertus Desktop. Alertus Desktop activates full-screen popup alerts on all Microsoft Windows operating system computers on SAU’s network. Upon receiving an alert message, the client application maximizes to full-screen to display alert information. Red text flashes “Alert!”, while simultaneously displaying the message details and appropriate response. Individuals can click to acknowledge the alert, and thereby provide acknowledgement to our emergency operations staff. This multi-faceted approach allows us to communicate with the university community in a quick and efficient manner.

We encourage everyone to review the Active Shooter Incident Checklist [pdf], as well as our Shelter-In-Place protocol to ensure your safety while living, learning, working, or visiting Southern Arkansas University.

Emergency Response Training/Drills/Incidents:

Date Type of Incident Announced / Unannounced


October 9, 2007 Drill (Full-Scale) Announced
October 17, 2007 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced
April 18, 2008 Real Event (Train Derailment) Unannounced
May 10, 2008 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced
May 22, 2008 Drill (Table-Top) Unannounced
October 29, 2009 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced
October 12, 2010 Drill (Full-Scale) Announced
April 4, 2011 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced
April 25, 2011 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced
September 27, 2011 Drill (Full-Scale) Announced
February 18, 2013 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced
February 18, 2013 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced
May 16, 2013 Real Event (Tornado Warning) Unannounced