Resolve to be Ready 2012

August 8, 2012

Contact: Chief Eric Plummer, 870-235-4100

Southern Arkansas University Police Department and Office of Student Life Encourages Southern Arkansas University to Resolve to Be Ready in 2012

Magnolia, Arkansas – The New Academic Year is a perfect time to Resolve to be Ready and Southern Arkansas University is proud to be promoting emergency preparedness for 2012.  To help spread the message and make its employees and members of the university community better prepared, the Southern Arkansas University Police Department and the Office of Student Life is hosting several emergency preparedness training courses and events.

Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Ready Campaign, Resolve to be Ready is a nationwide effort designed to increase awareness as well as encourage individuals, families, businesses and communities to take action and prepare for emergencies in the New Academic Year.  The Ready Campaign would like to encourage making an emergency preparedness resolution to take four important steps:

  •  Be informed. Know the hazards and risks in your area.
  • Make a family emergency plan, so you know how you would communicate with and find your loved ones if a disaster hit.
  • Build an emergency supply kit – both at home and in the car – that includes water, food and first aid supplies to help you survive if you lose power or get stranded in your car. This is especially important for dealing with icy roads and snowstorms this winter.
  • Get Involved – Find out how you can promote preparedness in your community.

 According to Chief Eric Plummer, “being prepared for an emergency of any magnitude is a very important part of keeping yourself and your community safe.  We hope that our community members will join us in these important training programs and take the pledge to prepare during the National Preparedness month (September) in order to get involved and keep our community safe.”

Emergencies can range from inconvenience to devastation, but you can resolve not to be a victim of an emergency or disaster and take steps to minimize the impact on you, your family and your businesses.

More information is available at The Website includes free information, checklists and guidelines about how to be informed, develop a family emergency plan, build an emergency kit, and get involved.

For more information, visit or the Spanish-language website or call 1-800-BEReady or 1-888-SE-LISTO (TTY 1-800-462-7585).