Policies, Procedures, and Complaint Resolution

The administrative policies and procedures for online learners are the same as those that govern the on-campus students. For specific information regarding university policies and procedures -including course cancellations and SAU’s internal student complaint resolution procedures, please check:

Examination procedures and proctoring policies for online courses vary according to the different colleges and the individual courses. Make sure to check the course syllabus for each individual course on blackboard after the first day of class for more details.

Check out the following for specific information regarding:

External Complaint Resolution Procedures

All U.S. States require post-secondary educational institutions to be legally authorized to provide post-secondary educational instruction in their states. Many of these state laws and regulations also apply to online, distance and correspondence educational instruction offered in that state. As such, Southern Arkansas University (SAU) and its online/distance education programs must be authorized in certain states prior to offering those courses or programs to students residing in those states. The purpose of this policy is to create an institutional process to comply with any state authorization requirements applicable to SAU online/distance education programs.