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With midterms approaching next week, it is finally hitting all of us that maybe we should have been studying a little bit before now. Midterms can often compromise a large portion of your grade. Sometimes you can study for hours on end and still bomb a test because you did not have any strategies. Here are some study tips to help you be successful on your midterms;

Write it out.
I know personally for me, I learn more whenever I take notes from a lecture by writing them rather than typing them on my computer. You retain more information when studying with a pen and paper than with a laptop.

Know yourself and how you study
When you decide to make some study arrangements whether you are going to the library, team study, or a friend’s house, know what it is that works best for you. Determine what noise level you can tolerate while working.

Use multiple resources
Try not to only use the textbook. If you can, read a chapter, then look at your notes, outline, flashcards, quizlet, or whatever form of studying you do. This will help you retain more information.

Think in terms of the test.
While reading the material, try to notice little sentences that jump out at you as potential test question material. Pick out sentences that scream “Test question!” to you and underline or rewrite them on a separate sheet of paper.

Maximize your mental state during the test
Pulling an all-nighter may allow you to cover all of the material, but it dramatically impacts your state of mind during the most important part – the test itself. Make sure you are well-rested. Try to get a decent breakfast before taking your test if it is in the morning.

Remember each test!
Sometimes after taking an exam you tend to want to relax and never think about it again. Immediately after the test, make a little note to yourself about what type of questions there were, what you struggled with, and any pieces of information your future self may find useful when studying. You never know those questions could appear on the final.

Of course, the best study tips are to constantly review the material the way that we all know we should. But honestly, that is not how college works. These study tips will come in handy if you use them.

Good luck on your mid-terms!

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