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Our crib’s feature is a Social @ SAU series that highlights decked-out residence hall rooms across the SAU campus. 

So if you are looking for a way to decorate your crib, maybe you’ll get some ideas from these creative SAU students who call their SAU crib “home.”

Meet Baylie McMillian

Baylie is a freshman nursing major from Texarkana, Texas.

Baylie is a resident of Fincher, which is a co-ed residence hall for students who participate in the SAU Mulerider Band Program


If I had to give a theme to my room, I would call it “blue mornings with cards.”

Yes, my room does have some sentimental value to it. Some of the cards that are hanging on my wall came from a desk I used to get an upcoming job. The bottles in my room have stories in them that I have wrote and my family loves books!

I purchased most of my things from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but some of the other things came from Books-A-Million and Hobby Lobby.

My favorite purchase would have to be either the arm clock (with company) or the books (without company)

I really enjoy the people that surround me. I love that Fincher is part of the Band Living and Learning Community and I get to live with people that have similar interests as me.

I think the residents enjoy the freedom to move around.  We also have a pool/ping pong table so that’s pretty cool.

Our hall is unique because we all share an appreciation for band. Whether someone is really involved or not they still are treated and welcomed the same.

Living in Fincher is like a silent bang; you feel like there is a lot of noise and commotion, but when you sit back to do work, it is apparent that the environment is a lot more peaceful than you originally thought.

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