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Mulerider Spotlight: Benita Carbone

Mulerider Spotlight is a Social @ SAU series that highlights students, faculty, and staff of SAU. There are so many wonderful people at SAU, and we hope this series will allow you to get to know a few of our fellow Muleriders a little better.

In this edition of Mulerider Spotlight, we are showcasing Benita Carbone. Benita is a senior Plant Science major from Virginia City, Nevada.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a senior at SAU from Virginia City, Nevada. I transferred almost two years ago from Western Nevada college and it has been the best decision of my life. I am apart of CCM (Catholic Campus Ministry) and CCM Leadership. I gain joy in helping others through service and God’s love.  I am also a member of the Ag club, and a member of Sigma Alpha. Changing the world has always been a vision of mine and I would like to do this by reducing food waste. As well as creating systems to make regenerative farming more beneficial for every farmer including commercial farms.

What are your hobbies?

I spend most of my time fly fishing and bird hunting. My other hobbies include hiking, bathing in natural hot springs, and growing flowers to make my own arrangements. I also enjoy farming and all the demanding labor that comes with it. My favorite person to spend time with is my saint of a mother.

What made you choose SAU?

I chose SAU because I wanted to experience living in a completely different culture (and boy did I get it). It was also a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on other agronomic crops and production methods that are different than the region I am from. Most of Nevada consists of uninhabited dust. Using my experience, I have gained at SAU will help me be able to assistance farmers in all regions from arid climates to temperate climates.

What made you choose Plant Science as your major?

Plants are the basis of human life and flat out fascinating. Plants produce oxygen so we can breathe, while sequestering carbon dioxide. They also provide us with food for us and our livestock as well as clothing. I would like to make a positive attribution to the world and one way I can do this is by helping grow food and fiber crops globally.

What do you plan to do with your degree after you graduate ?

Currently I am applying for graduate programs for plant pathology and strive to eventually achieve a PhD. I would like to work for a regenerative agriculture company doing research to find the best methods for pest resistance, soil conservation and overall health of crops. I also want to travel the world to volunteer, study, fish and hunt.

What is one interesting fact that everyone might not know about you?

An interesting fact no one knows about me is I started being a full-time college student at the age of 15.

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