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Our crib’s feature is a Social @ SAU series that highlights decked-out residence hall rooms across the SAU campus.  So if you are looking for a way to decorate your crib, maybe you’ll get some ideas from these creative SAU students who call their SAU crib “home.”

Meet Megan Mullen and Corynn McKinnie

Megan is a freshman nursing major from Smackover, Arkansas, and Corynn is a freshman nursing major from Frisco, Texas.

They are residents of Burns-Harsh, which is a freshman-only residence hall for students in the Leadership College Living Learning Community. 

Megan: I would say the theme of our room is a homey feeling.

Corynn: I would say the theme of our room is also homey, but it has a very comfortable feeling towards it. 

Megan: Yes! All of my pictures have a huge sentimental meaning to me. I have pictures of my friends and family in there, and it just makes my room feel like it is my home away from home.

Corynn: The one thing that has the most sentimental value to me is our entertainment center. My Papa built it for us, and it means so much to me that he did that. 

Megan: I purchased most of the items in our room from TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby.

Corynn: My purchases also came from Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx.

Megan: My favorite purchase in our room is our coffee bar. It is so cute and makes the room feel even homier.

Corynn: I know this is funny, but my favorite purchase in my room is my laundry basket. Do you know how hard it was to find a cute laundry basket with wheels on it? I was super excited when I saw it. It makes going to the laundry room so much easier. 

Megan: What I enjoy most about living in Burns-Harsh is that it is a one-story building. We are all on the same level, so it is fairly easy to make friends.

Corynn: I enjoy how big the rooms are in Burns-Harsh. It allows more people to come in here and hang out with us.

Megan: It really is like a home away from home here. I love living here so much.

Corynn: I know saying “it feels like home” is so cliche to say, but it is so true. Living in Burns-Harsh completely feels like it is my home away from home. I am so glad I chose to live here. 

Megan: I think residents enjoy the bigger rooms as well. We are also all family, so it makes living in Burns-Harsh so much fun.

Corynn: I think the residents like living here because of the community life. You won’t meet a stranger in Burns-Harsh.

Megan: Our hall is unique because we have the cows in our back yard.

Corynn: Our hall is unique because of our back porch. We all sit out there and talk throughout the week. It helps to relieve some stress sitting out there on the benches. 

With a wide variety of housing and interest options, Southern Arkansas University Housing is designed around you to make your stay here some of the best years of your life.

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