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Mulerider Spotlight: Seven Powers

Mulerider Spotlight is a Social @ SAU series that highlights students, faculty, and staff of SAU. There are so many wonderful people at SAU, and we hope this series will allow you to get to know a few of our fellow Muleriders a little better.

In this edition of Mulerider Spotlight, we are showcasing Seven Powers. Seven is a senior Marketing major, with a minor in Mass Communication, from Little Rock, Arkansas.

What are your favorite hobbies?

“Some of my favorite hobbies are volleyball, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.”

What made you choose SAU?

“I chose SAU because it was like a home away from home! I also received a volleyball scholarship so that just sealed the deal. The staff and faculty here at SAU were great, and all the people were so friendly and welcoming!”

What is your favorite thing about SAU?

“My favorite thing at SAU would have to be getting to play volleyball, the game that I love, with some of my best friends!”

How long have you played volleyball?

“I’ve been playing volleyball for about ten years now.”

What made you choose volleyball over other sports?

“I played softball throughout my childhood and into junior high, but I picked volleyball because of the fast pace and competitive drive it brought me!”

What’s it like being on the SAU volleyball team?

“Being on the SAU volleyball team is honestly a once in a lifetime chance, and for that, I’m so grateful! It’s kind of like a sisterhood with us! We know how to push each other to be not only great players but also great individuals!”

What’s it like being a student-athlete?

“Being a student-athlete is quite difficult! Your time management has to be on a whole new level. For example, the volleyball team is traveling for weeks on end throughout the season, so I have to set aside time to knock out some homework wherever I get the chance. It might be on the bus, in the hotel, or at the gym! It all starts with time management for me.”

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