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Intramural Sports at SAU: Why You Should Get Involved!

Nearly a month down in the Fall semester and the campus is rocking! The mall is busy during the day, the Blue and Gold Cafeteria is filled to the brim for tacos and chicken nuggets, and intramural sports are in full swing! This year’s intramural sports list is more abundant than ever with over 15 sports and activities to choose from, including flag football and sand volleyball to knocker ball and disc golf. There are more things than ever to do on campus, and you should be getting involved!

My Experience with Intramural Sports

I’ve participated in intramural sports nearly all of my five semesters here at SAU because of how much fun it is! Not only do you get to meet new people and make friends, but you’re getting a great workout (that combats the Freshman 15, so listen up freshmen!).

At SAU, I’ve played intramural softball, intramural flag football, intramural volleyball, and intramural table tennis. Seems like a lot, right? Not really. Intramural sports only take a couple of hours out of your week, so you’ve still got plenty of time to do the things you need to do, like study or hang out with your friends.

My favorite memory of intramural sports has to be the time I hit a home run in intramural softball. Our team was getting trounced, 13-3, and the bases were empty when I thumped the ball. “Great,” I thought, “Another fly ball out.” Imagine my surprise when the ball went 15 feet over the fence. It gave our team something to cheer about, and even after we lost the game, we could still go to the other team and tell them, “Good game!” People are competitive, but that doesn’t bleed into their character because everyone on the field is friends. Opposing teams are talking to one another like at the dinner table, and there are smiles all around.

Why You Should Get Involved?!

If everything I’ve said so far isn’t reason enough for you to get involved, then hear me out. Do you have a flexible schedule or free time where you find yourself doing nothing? Do you want to get involved in something with other people and succeed as a whole? Are you sometimes busy and can’t quite always be there, but want to be there most of the time? Intramural sports are the way to go!

This isn’t the NFL or NBA; you’re not under a 5-year contract and expected to play like a pro every game. We’re college students, and we have hectic lives. If you want something fun to do a couple of times a week, then find a sport and a team!

How to Get Involved?

Just head to the Mulerider Activity Center! You can find forms to fill out team information there. Bring a couple of friends to join in too! You can also email Sarah Adcox at Good luck, Muleriders!

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