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Mulerider Spotlight: Dr. Sam Heintz

Mulerider Spotlight is a Social @ SAU series that highlights students, faculty, and staff of SAU.  There are so many wonderful people at SAU, and we hope this series will allow you to get to know a few of our fellow Muleriders a little better.

In this edition of Mulerider Spotlight, we are showcasing Dr. Sam Heintz.  Dr. Heintz is currently serving as the chair of the Engineering and Physics Department.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“I am a native of Arkansas. As a teen, I used to come to Magnolia to go to the movies at the Malco. I have 3 degrees (BS, MS, and Ph.D.) in Chemical Engineering from UA Fayetteville, and I have a Professional Engineering license. I have worked for several defense companies, and I have done a fair amount of consulting work around the state. My wife Vicki and I met in college and have been married for, well let’s say a long time. We have five children (3 boys, two girls), of which 3 are engineers. “

How long have you been teaching at SAU?

“My first semester at SAU was the Fall of 2001.”

What do you enjoy about teaching at SAU?

“I enjoy the interaction with my students. We have a great relationship with our industrial partners. Despite our size, the university is a significant player in south Arkansas, and our graduates (from all departments and majors) have a tremendous impact on the area. I like being a part of all that. “

Do you have a favorite class that you like to teach?

“That’s a tough question. I enjoy Thermodynamics, so that maybe my favorite, but all the other engineering classes that I teach are very close. I may enjoy teaching engineering. Also, even though I don’t teach it very often, I am fond of College Physics.”

What are your hobbies?

“I enjoy backpacking. I usually go on several trips a year. I want to try the Appalachian Trail when I retire. I also enjoy kayaking.”

The engineering program at SAU is fully accredited, why is that so important?

“Being accredited means that we have shown that our engineering program is a quality program. It means that our graduates can meet and often exceed the expectations of their employers. Since accreditation also includes continuous improvement, it means that our engineering programs will continue to improve. SAU’s engineering program being accredited means the program is as good as many of the other engineering schools, including those much larger than SAU.”

What advice would you give to a student considering the engineering program at SAU?

“Consider your future. What would you like to be doing in 25 years? Where would you like to be? SAU can help you get there. There are many good engineering schools. Our program is accredited and thus of high quality, with professors who care about the student’s future, with reasonable class size, and on a great campus. We offer internships to our students that often lead to full-time employment. For those students who wish to continue their education, SAU has a reputation for providing quality students for graduate programs. Stay focused, and stay the course.”

What sets SAU engineering apart from other programs?

“As a group, our students are the best on campus. Enough said.”

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