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Our crib’s feature is a Social @ SAU series that highlights decked-out residence hall rooms across the SAU campus. 

So if you are looking for a way to decorate your crib, maybe you’ll get some ideas from these creative SAU students who call their SAU crib “home.”

Meet Josey and Kaylie

Josey is a sophomore Animal Science major from Acorn, AR., and Kaylie is a sophomore Agriculture Education major from Gurdon, AR.

They are residents of Talley, which is home to the Agriculture Living Learning Community. 

Josey: A little, mostly because of my pictures remind me of my family and friends back home. The overall theme makes me feel like I am back on my family’s farm.

Kaylie: I enjoy having pictures of my family and friends in my room. The livestock décor in our room is important because Agriculture means so much to me and it has made a huge impact on who I am today.

Josey: My storage building and Walmart.

Kaylie: Tj Maxx and Hobby Lobby.

Josey: The cowhide rug.

Kaylie: The couch and our huge cow painting named Molly.

Josey: I love living in Talley. The best part is that I can set in the lobby and feel completely comfortable with the people surrounding me.

Kaylie: I love that all of my friends are just a knock away whenever I need them. Also living in Talley is a family tradition, my dad and many other family members lived here as well.

Josey: The overall atmosphere of Talley makes people feel like they can be themselves around others.

Kaylie: You never meet a stranger. Most of the residents have a lot of the same interests, this makes studying and making friends easier.

Josey: Everyone in Talley “ropes” you in with their personality making the atmosphere a friendly and welcoming one.

Kaylie: You will never meet more friendly faces than you will in Talley. There is always someone stopping by my room to hang out or just say “hi.”

With a wide variety of housing and interest options, Southern Arkansas University Housing is designed around you to make your stay here some of the best years of your life.

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