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Why You Should Join Your Hall Council

Hall council is one of the many organizations you can join while living on campus. It is student-governed, and you get to represent the students that live here on campus with you. While being a part of the hall council in your building, you get to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Here a few reasons as to why you should consider joining your hall council:

It’s student-led.

When you are a part of your hall council, you have a say in what happens in your building and around campus. You get to have a hand in the events that occur.

Be the voice for students around campus.

When you are a member of your hall council, it is more than just planning events. If there is an issue with residence life, hall council can be the first step in creating a proposal to make it better. Hall council can initiate change, and you can be a part of it.

It’s not time-consuming.

I know, the idea of joining groups around campus seems like you will be losing a lot of free time, but with hall council, that’s not the case. At most, being a part of hall council will take up maybe an hour or two of your week. Sometimes it could be more, especially if Family Day or Homecoming is coming up.

You get to be a part of Family Day and Homecoming activities.

Many universities have traditions that make them unique. The SAU Bed Races are one of my favorite traditions during Family Day that makes SAU stand out. When you are a part of your hall council, you get to decide your theme for the bed and how you will decorate it. You can get the bragging rights if your bed wins (Which is HUGE). With Homecoming, you get to help decide how you paint the log, the banner, and your street painting.

It is so much fun to be a part of Hall Council!

Not only is it something you could potentially put on your resume when looking for future jobs, but you get to create events with people in your hall and other halls around campus. You can help decide what movies play during the Movie in the Mall event or different things that get put on around campus. You also get to help with the Battle of the Halls week.

You could strengthen your talents.

You will be put in an environment that can help you grow into a better leader and allow you to work with people across campus, from students to professional staff. Most importantly, you can help shape our campus life by making lasting memories with fellow students. If you would like to join your hall council, you can talk to your Resident Assistant or Resident Director, and they can guide you in the right direction.

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