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Mulerider Expert: Tips for Move-In Day

Fall semester is quickly approaching! We are so excited to welcome all of our new and returning Muleriders back to campus in the coming weeks. Whether this is your first time moving to campus or your 8th, we wanted to offer a few tips to make your move-in experience easier!

  • All students will check-in at the SAU Engineering building. It’s best for students (over the age of 18) to come in alone to create less congestion.
  • What to bring to check-in:
    • Printed and signed housing contract from your email.
    • Emergency contact information filled out in campus connect.
  • Students will receive their room key at engineering and will be sent to their assigned hall to check-in.

Before you arrive:

  • Mark all boxes/bags with your student’s name and hall’s name. There will be lots of people assisting students with moving their items to their room, and this will make any stray articles identifiable.
  • Bring a small dolly for larger/heavy items. Halls may have a dolly available, but these will be limited, so bringing a small one will assist in getting your heavy items in quickly and easily.
  • Buy extension cords/surge protectors ahead of time. Wal-Mart in Magnolia is under renovation currently and is prepared for move-in day, but these always run in limited supply. Purchasing a few extras ahead of time is always beneficial.
  • Have a bin of cleaning supplies separate that you can take in to clean your room with first before all other items arrive.
  • Be sure to coordinate with your new roommate before you arrive! Only one microwave and mini-fridge are allowed per room. Talk about how you’d like the room arranged and who will be bringing what prior to your arrival to make this process less time consuming once you arrive.
  • Move-in day is a busy time and with lots of families on campus moving in students. Dads are great for moving furniture, but the hustle and bustle is not always the best experience for younger siblings. In order to create more space for unpacking, once the room is arranged, dads are great for running errands with the younger siblings to grab missing or needed last-minute items.
  • Pets are not allowed in our residence halls. While we love our own pets dearly, they need to stay home for the move-in day experience.
  • Mulerider Movers will be available on Sunday, August 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to help our new Muleriders move into their halls.

Hopefully, these tips will help your move-in day be a huge success! We can’t wait to see you soon!

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