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4 Study Spots You Should Steal from Me

Everyone has that place they go to study. Some people like sitting in the library among other students while others may want to be alone. Personally, I’m a people-person (most of the time) and like to be among friendly faces while I study.

Finals week is now behind us, but we remember how things got a little hectic around Southern Arkansas University. You may have noticed that the Blue and Gold Cafeteria was not as crowded at times it usually would have been, or that Magale Library may not have had as many study rooms available to book. It was the time of year when students buckled down and were crunching for finals, and they needed a good place to do so. If you didn’t feel like you found your perfect spot to study for your finals, I’ve got just the list for you to remember for next semester. Here are the four study spots you should definitely steal from me and use to your advantage!

The Residence Hall Lobby

This spot is for those who like to be around people while they study. Be careful, though, and don’t let yourself be distracted with all of your friends around!

The lobby of my residence hall is personally my favorite spot to study. Though I may not get as much done as I probably should, working around all of my friends while they study or goof-off (likely the latter) is a lot of fun and keeps me entertained and motivated to study.

Magale Library – Third Floor

Probably the coziest of all the spots on this list, the top floor of Magale Library is home to multiple couches and a very comfy rotating loveseat right in front of the window. The view is unlike any other you can find on campus and the library is nice and quiet.

The one downside that you may incur is that Magale Library is pretty chilly at times, so bring a jacket with you!

Magale Library – Among the Books

Trying to get away from it all? Not far from the other Magale Library study spot is this cozy chair surrounded by books on every side. This is the perfect spot if you don’t want to be distracted by those around you as you won’t be seeing many people around here. There is also a nearby outlet for working on your laptop or charging your devices!

Swinging Under the Bell Tower

The last spot on this list is for those who like to study outside. The swing just underneath the Bell Tower is the perfect spot for soaking up the sun while you study. It’s especially nice when the wind is blowing just slightly to keep it cool.

Of course, you are outside so bugs or heavy winds may be an issue on certain days. However, days with nice weather are worth it!

So that’s the list of study spots that I’ve used, and you should too! Good luck during future finals weeks!




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