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Mulerider Spotlight: Jackson Hill

Mulerider Spotlight is a Social @ SAU series that highlights students of SAU. There are so many wonderful people at SAU, and we hope this series will allow you to get to know a few of our fellow Muleriders a little better. 

In this edition of Mulerider Spotlight, we are showcasing Jackson Hill. Jackson is a sophomore Gaming Animation major from Bryant, AR.

What are your favorite hobbies?

My hobbies include playing video games, both professionally and casually, as well as working on improving my skills as a digital artist and modeler.

What made you choose SAU?

I chose SAU because of the gaming community and degree program that cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

What on-campus organization are you involved in?

I am involved in the eSports community as well as the Gaming Guild.

What is your favorite thing about SAU?

My favorite thing about SAU is the “feels like home” atmosphere and of friendliness, as well as the ample opportunities for success if you’re motivated to find them.

You are involved in eSports at SAU, how did you get involved with eSports?

I got involved with eSports because I wanted to be able to play video games competitively and to be around like-minded people, and together we worked hard to make the eSports community here into what it is while setting a good foundation for what it will become in the future.

What is unique about eSports at SAU?

The thing that makes the eSports here at SAU different isn’t necessarily what you’d expect. It’s the dedication and support given to us by people like Sandra Martin and Chad Brown that make what we do enjoyable and even possible.

Why should someone consider being in eSports?

For anyone considering being in our eSports program, there are many benefits. First and foremost is the chance to meet with other people who love playing the same game as you – and who are probably better than you at it. Having someone who consistently beats you is motivation like no other to get better. You will also get the chance to travel to many places and compete against other incredibly talented schools and individuals from the surrounding areas.

What are you looking forward to with to with your involvement in SAU eSports going forward?

Looking forward, I’m so excited for the future we’re creating for the program. As for my part, I’m content with helping people get better at Smash Brothers and coordinating our talented players and get them out and about to show off SAU!

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