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Choosing a major in college is not always an easy thing to do. As someone who has changed their major 3 times now, I can attest to that. With a seemingly never-ending list of options to choose from, the decision can seem overwhelming.

While some people have their career goals figured out in high school, others struggle to choose, and that’s alright. Sometimes it helps to look at your peers and see how they discovered what they want to study, and draw your own conclusions as well. Here are four students who have their majors figured out, and are passionate about what they are studying.

Rianna Granberry

Rianna is a sophomore here at SAU from Texas. She is a Criminal Justice major, and with this degree, she aims to be a game warden. Rianna stated that ever since she was a child in elementary school, she knew that her dreams involved being in the law enforcement field. As the time came to go to college, she knew that the perfect major for her was criminal justice, and it would set her on the path to fulfilling her dreams.

Jared Hunte

Jared is a junior here at SAU from Texas. He is a musical theater major, and similar to Rianna before college began he figured out on an idea of what he wanted to do. Jared knew from a young age that his interests and talents involved theater.

When he began college though, he anticipated just being a theater major. Through conversations and words of encouragement from professors, Jared decided that he needed to place an emphasis on musical theater specifically, and has been more satisfied with this decision.

Abbie Wooten

Abbie is a freshman here at SAU originally from Alabama. She is a pre-med major, and with this degree, she intends to become an OBGYN. She knew that this career goal was for her due to the fact that she has a passion to help people, and feels that there is nothing more special or important than bringing life into the world. She also has an interest in science, which further fueled her desire to study medicine.

Branson Myers

Branson is a senior at SAU from Arkansas. He studies Marine Biology, and his reasoning for choosing this major is because he has always loved the ocean and the animals in it. He intends to help keep these animals here for several generations to come by studying wildlife to help make laws and regulations to ensure their survival. He also feels very passionately about traveling and feels that this career path will help him fulfill some of his wanderlust due to the fact that he will be studying animals and environments all over the world.

While choosing a college major is difficult for many, a close examination of your passions and interests usually spark ideas about the right path in life. 

With the wide variety of majors that SAU provides, there is a direction for every mulerider.

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