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It’s that time of year again! The spring semester is beginning and the campus is buzzing with anticipation of what the new academic semester will bring. College is an exciting time in anyone’s life and getting involved around campus can make it even better. I’m pretty sure we were all told “get involved when you are in college,” whether it came from your parents, family members, friends, RA’s, or even college-related articles. It’s pretty cliche, actually.

Getting involved during your college years can actually be super-beneficial. It can help you make lifelong friends, build a resume, and help you feel connected to your campus. Luckily, our wonderful college offers a number of ways you can be a part of campus life. Here are four ideas to help you get involved this semester.


1. Find a common interest group/groups

One way to find friends and get involved is to focus on what you are most passionate about. Do you love singing? Are video games your favorite hobby? Do you love taking pictures in your free time? Have you always dreamed of being a part of Greek life? Whatever you love to devote your time to, chanced are SAU has an organization for you.

Here is a list of all the clubs and organizations to possibly get involved in at SAU.

Can’t find something that interests you? You can check with the Office of Student Activities which is located on the second floor of Reynolds to find out more about all the organizations SAU has to offer.


2. Join an intramural team

If you’re the athletic type (like myself), you probably have heard of intramural sports.

Through the MAC, SAU has a variety of indoor and outdoor sports you can be a part of throughout the year.

Check out the intramural options for this semester.



3. Join a club related to your major

Even if you are not entirely sure what you want to do after school, finding a club or organization related to your degree can benefit you long after you leave the classroom.


4. Volunteer

When you’re caught up in school life, it can be hard to think about the bigger picture.

Volunteering your time to people (or animals) in need puts things in perspective and allows you to feel good when you make a positive difference. Deana Taylor is our campus and community welfare coordinator/volunteer coordinator. If you have an itch to volunteer, do not hesitate to go to her office and ask where you should go. She also sends out emails when volunteers are needed. She is located in Overstreet 114.

I hope you take some of these into consideration and make this your best semester yet at SAU. Best of luck.

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