You must bring enough money to cover the educational and living expenses for your first semester at SAU. You should plan on bringing money in negotiable U.S. funds. These funds may be in the form of cashier’s or traveler’s checks. You can also wire your money directly to your student account (see your acceptance letters for details).

Also, you should carry a certain amount of money in the form of cash (U.S. dollars) and/or traveler’s checks. Please remember to bring some pocket money to buy necessities. However, it is not a good idea to carry more than $200 in cash. Traveler’s checks are a good idea and are generally considered safer than cash.

It is important to send your $100 housing deposit prior to your arrival. This will secure a place for you to reside on the SAU campus. If you have not already paid the $100 housing deposit, you will be required to pay it upon arrival.

Shortly after you arrive, we will assist you in starting a bank account at a local bank. This is a safe place to store extra money.