Facilities & Activities

Facilities & Services

A fitness center, indoor swimming pool, and tennis courts are just a few of the many facilities that are available for students to enjoy. SAU also has a food court, computer labs, a bookstore, the Magale library, and a coffee shop.

As an SAU student, you will also have access to the University’s Employment Resource Center, Student Support Services, Counseling and Testing, Disability Services, and the University Health Services.

Events & Activities

An important part of your university experience at SAU will include getting involved in various events and activities around campus. There is a wide variety of social opportunities that will help you to make new friends and make the most of your extracurricular time.

Theater productions, concerts, movies, and other fun activities are scheduled throughout the fall and spring semesters. Upcoming events are advertised on campus, via email and on the University’s calendar.

International students are welcomed to- and encouraged to- join various clubs and organizations on campus. One organization in particular, the international student association, provides many activities for international students. The international banquet is an annual highlight that many people look forward to attending.

In addition to campus activities, for the convenience of the students at SAU, a shuttle bus provides students with the opportunity to visit local shopping areas once a week. All of the transportation is provided free of charge to students.

Other festivals of particular interest to international students include Fall Fest, Family Day, Homecoming, Spring Fling, International Expo, and International Education Week.