Clothes & Weather Information

Magnolia, AR has four distinct seasons — winter, spring, summer, and fall. Therefore, you should bring a variety of clothing for the changing seasons or be prepared to purchase them after you arrive. The seasonal variations are described below:

Winter — December through February — Temperature may drop below freezing with occasional snow and sleet. A jacket, heavier clothing, and a coat may be necessary.

Spring — March through May — Temperatures vary from cool to warm. Lighter clothing may be needed, but sometimes a jacket is necessary. This is the rainiest season.

Summer — June through August — Temperatures are generally hot. Light clothing is preferred. This is usually the driest season.

Fall — September through November — Temperatures vary from warm to cool. A jacket may be necessary. Rain occurs occasionally.

Students, both men and women, usually wear casual clothing: Trousers, blue jeans, short pants, shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Men will find a suit or jacket and tie appropriate for more formal occasions. Women will probably want a dress, skirt, and blouse. Traditional national attire is appropriate for many occasions, especially for the annual International Student Banquet.

Generally, it is better to bring clothes that are easy to care for, such as “wash and wear” items (cottons and acrylics). Free washing and drying facilities are available in campus residence halls. Dry cleaning is much more expensive and is not available on campus.