Incoming Students

Admitted to SAU

Congratulations on being accepted to Southern Arkansas University.  Now that you have been admitted you need to start preparing for arriving at SAU.

Please follow these steps to prepare for attending SAU:

Step 1 Pay SEVIS Fee

Before you can schedule a visa interview you will need to pay the I-901 SEVIS fee.  You will use the information from your I-20 to pay the SEVIS fee.

Step 2 Fill out Visa Application

To schedule your visa interview you will need to fill out the visa application.  Then contact the US embassy or consulate in your country to schedule an interview.

Step 3 Prepare and go to Interview

Make sure to check the embassy or consulate’s website to see what documents you need for the interview.  Also make sure you are natural, comfortable, and confident during your interview. EducationUSA offers some great advice on how to prepare for your interview. Being denied a visa is a possibility and the reason for your denial can be confusing sometimes.  But it may not be the end or the road.  Make sure you ask and understand why you were denied a visa.

Step 4 Notify SAU of Interview Results

When you know your results from your interview let us know. If you were approved we can start processing your student data and make sure everything is ready for your arrival. If you were denied you may be able to schedule another interview and provide more proof to help support your visa request.  Make sure you understand why you were denied.

Step 5 Apply for Housing

After you notify our office of your visa approval you need to apply for campus housing.  SAU offers different housing options for students from regular residential halls, to university apartments, and our new The University Hall Learning Community.

Step 6 Get Immunizations

Certain immunizations are required for students in the state of Arkansas. Before leaving your country try to get a MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) immunization.  During your first semester at SAU you will be required to have two, so getting one before you arrive will make the process easier for you.  Make sure to bring a copy of your immunization records (in English if possible).

Step 7 Submit Travel Information

You should plan to arrive at Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) in Texarkana, Arkansas.  This airport connects with Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  We cannot provide transportation from other cities, but we will provide free transportation from Texarkana to our campus.  This is the ONLY airport we pick up students from.

Please let us know several weeks in advance and we will have someone meet you at the airport and bring you to our campus in Magnolia, Arkansas.  Please e-mail us at