Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student governed organization that represents all students living on our campus. We exist to promote on-campus living and community development through various programs and interest groups. We benefit our fellow residents by providing leadership opportunities on hall councils. The body of RHA is made up of our Executive Board, member elected to individual hall councils, and anyone who lives on-campus. It is the main focus of our Executive Board to work closely with the Housing Office staff to make the on-campus living experience better for all students.

Our meetings are open to anyone living on campus so remember; you have a voice in what actually happens in your hall because it is also your home!

Contact Information:

Residence Hall Association
D.W. Reynolds Center 202
SAU Box 9431
Magnolia, AR  71754
Office: 870-235-4047
Fax: 870-235-5264