Residential College

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The Residential College is a living and learning option for freshman students focusing on students’ academic and personal success through leadership development and service learning. Residential College students are given the opportunity to interact more directly with faculty and staff both in classes and in the residence halls to enhance learning in these courses.

Residential College fosters a “living and learning” environment. Each semester students enroll in a common block of classes and service learning projects, resulting in the formation of a “learning community.” An exciting environment is created in which students share responsibility for learning and enjoy studying more.

The other component to the living and learning environment is leadership development. Students take an active role in planning and initiating activities on their floors and within the hall. Students are encouraged to participate in campus activities such as Homecoming, intramural sports, campus organizations, and other programs that enrich the college experience.

Residential College students will reside in Fincher Hall, located behind Bussey Hall. This residence hall provides suite style living for the Residential College students. Each room is double occupancy and shares a bathroom facility with an adjacent room. This facility also has a computer lab, two study rooms, classroom, and several lobbies for student activities.

If you would like to apply for the Residential College, please fill out the online Residential College Application.