• Can I decorate my room?

    Your room is your home, at least for nine months, so you can decorate within reason. Plants, carpets, rugs, posters, fish in small aquariums, and such. Keep in mind that the furniture must remain the same as when you arrived or you will be charged for damages. Holes in walls are included as damage.

  • How do I apply for housing?

    Easy, you just need to fill out a housing application card and make your $100.00 deposit. You can do it in person, at the housing office (Reynolds, Room 202), by mail, or you can apply online. There is not a deadline for applying but we encourage you to apply early so that we have opportunities to meet your needs.

  • What does the housing deposit do, and will I get it back?

    The deposit serves three purposes: guarantees your room, insures against damages, and makes sure you properly check out with housing staff.

    Provided you are not returning to housing, you do not have any damages, and you have checked out properly, you will get your deposit back.

  • What if I don’t like my roommate, or my roommate never moves in?

    Roommate changes take place after the first two weeks of classes.

    If your roommate never moves in, you have three options: 1) You may find another student to move in with you. 2) You may move into a room with another resident within the hall or another hall. 3) You may be able to keep your room as a private room provided there are enough rooms for all students.

  • What is the housing like on campus and do I have to live on-campus?

    We have several residency halls that are available for our students. Students can move off campus or into the University Village Apartments if they are older than 21 years old, or they have completed 60 credit hours.

  • When will I find out my room assignment, and can I change it if I don’t like it?

    It depends on when you apply for housing, but The earliest assignments go out the first week of June.

    You may change rooms when or if spaces are available. Room changes take place after the first two weeks of classes. You have to see your hall director to change rooms or buildings.

  • When will incoming freshman know their residence hall room assignment?

    If you have completed your housing application and paid your housing deposit, you will receive your room and roommate assignment on your orientation day. This will allow you to tour your residence hall (or a similar hall if your hall is unavailable) during orientation.

    If you have not completed your housing application or paid your deposit, this can be taken care of on your BAM orientation date. If you wish to live in the residence halls, please be prepared to complete the application and/or pay the $100.00 housing deposit at orientation. By the end of your orientation session, your room assignment will be prepared for you.