Honors College

Welcome to Southern Arkansas University’s Honors College web site. Those of us involved with the Honors College are delighted you want to learn more about the Honors College by visiting this web site. We hope the information provided here will allow you to understand the scope and depth of SAU’s Honors College and our commitment to academic achievement.

Students in the Honors College take up to eighteen hours of General Education classes together. The Honors College General Education classes allow Honors College students to learn and achieve together in small classes designed to enhance their academic preparation for whatever career goals they may have. Some of the classes available in the General Education curriculum are world history, literature, art appreciation, film appreciation, psychology, U.S. history, philosophy, and Honors Seminar, the first class taken by all Honors College students. Honors College students must complete 24 total hours of honors courses in order to receive an honors degree.

The Honors College student population is quite diverse. While most come from Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and other states, some come from around the world. Currently, honors students from Canada, Bulgaria, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Yugoslavia, Nigeria, Vietnam, China, and India are enrolled.

Students in the Honors College have an opportunity to take trips together. In the past students have visited historic and educational places, including Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi, and Arkansas’ own Eureka Springs.More recently, honors students visited three museums in Ft. Worth. Honors students also receive full financial support to attend professional meetings in order to present their academic work or research. In 2010, four students traveled by train to Greenville, SC in order to present papers at the Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC). In 2011, eight students will travel to Little Rock to present papers at this year’s SRHC meeting.

Students in the Honors College have an opportunity to live together in Honors Hall, a residence hall for Honors College students. This residence hall offers Honors College students a quiet environment in which to live and learn. Honors Hall also has a computer lab and a conference room, where some Honors College classes are taught.

Students who qualify and participate in the program will also receive a $600 a year stipend in addition to their academic scholarships.

Students who complete the course requirements of the Honors College will receive special recognition at graduation and will receive the distinction as “Southern Arkansas University Honors College Graduate” on their transcripts and diplomas.