Technology Program

03.11In 2010, SAU Honors College students received iPads to use in their first honors course, Honors Seminar. Students used their iPads to access the Web page for the course and for many other academic (and non-academic) uses. Many used their iPads to take notes in class. Some used the cameras to supplement those notes with either still or video graphics.

Beginning in fall 2014, the program expanded beyond the iPad. Students now order their own technology, allowing them to make the decision as to what brand and style they obtain.

Students will now receive a check for $600 to be used toward the purchase of a tablet or other type of technology (e.g., laptop, smartphone, wearable device, etc.). Any costs beyond $600 will be the student’s responsibility. Students may choose to use this check for purposes other than the purchase of technology.

The program is self-funded. Students enrolled in Honors Seminar purchase their technology using their Honors College annual stipend. In subsequent years they may choose to use their stipend to purchase additional technology. Students own their technology; it need not be returned to SAU.

The Honors College owns a wireless printer. It resides on the Honors College’s own wireless network in Nelson Hall. Students can come to the Honors College Student Lounge and print their assignments directly to the printer. That capability has extended the usefulness of student wireless technology.

In the Honors Seminar class, students regularly report back about apps they have found useful and share tips they have learned.