Odendaal, Antoinette

Dr. Antoinette Y. Odendaal

Assistant Professor of Biology, L.A. Logan Professor of Biology, NRRC Research Associate


P.O. Box 9368
Building/Office: Science (SCI) 106G

Educational Background:

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Indiana University (2009–2011)
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of New Hampshire (2009)
  • B.A. in Chemistry, University of Southern Maine (2003)


  • Toxicology of natural product isolates
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Technologies for natural product isolation
  • Organic synthesis
  • Design of inquiry-based biochemical experiments

Scientific affiliations:

American Chemical Society, 2006 –present.


  • Biological Sciences
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Organic Chemistry


Yuki Nakamura, Nobuo Yokota, Antoinette Odendaal, Timothy Murbach, Amy Clewell and Yuichiro Nakano. An evaluation of the solubility and stability of L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine dipeptide (Sustamine®) as compared to L-Glutamine. Submitted July 2015 (Food Chemistry)

Erin Carlson, Darci Trader, and Antoinette Odendaal. Chemoselective Enrichment for Compound Isolation. Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation, assignee. Patent 9079983. 14 July 2015.

Antoinette Y. Odendaal, Your Prebiotic Primer. Nutritional Outlook. 2014, 17(8), 48–52.

Antoinette Y. Odendaal and Alexander G. Schauss, Chapter 18 – Potent Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Flavonoids in the Nutrient-Rich Amazonian Palm Fruit, Açaí (Euterpe spp.), In Polyphenols in Human Health and Disease, edited by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy and Sherma Zibadi, Academic Press, San Diego, 2014, Pages 219-239.

Odendaal, A. Y.; Deshmukh, N. S.; Marx, T. K.; Schauss, A. G.; Endres, J. R. and Clewell, A. E., Safety assessment of a hydroethanolic extract of Caralluma fimbriata. Int. J. Toxicol. 2013, 32 (5), 385–394.

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Ph.D. Dissertation: Odendaal, A. Y., “A Modified Synthesis, C-Functionalization, Resolution and Racemization Kinetics of Cross-Bridged Tetraazamacrocycles”, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of New Hampshire, 2009.