Program Guidelines

Freshmen Probation Assistance Program – Program Guidelines

Effective Fall 2004, all freshmen students on probation are required to participate in the Freshmen Probation Assistance Program (FPAP). You must complete the following steps as a part of the program:

Requirement 1:

Attend at least three meetings during the semester with your assigned advisor. During your initial meeting, you will set appointments for the remainder of the semester, review your current schedule, and discuss any areas of concern.

Requirement 2:

  1. Read and review the Academic Standards on the Advising Center web page under the Freshmen Probation and Assistance Center.
  2. Complete Academic Success Exercises found on the above web page.
  3. Bring your completed Academic Success Exercises with you and meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising and Assistance Center to discuss your progress towards your degree or any academic difficulties you may be experiencing.
  4. Complete a one-semester participation agreement based upon the advisor’s discretion. The form is also found on the web page.

Note: These exercises will help you understand why you may be experiencing problems and help you to focus on the grades that you will need to improve your GPA. You are required to complete these exercises as a part of this mandatory program. When you visit with your advisor, please be prepared to discuss academic strategies, verify the accuracy of your exercises, and discuss any problems or concerns you may have regarding the exercises.

Requirement 3:

Attend an initial individual session with a counselor at the Office of Counseling and Testing. If you request additional sessions, these can be arranged at the initial meeting.

The Academic Advising Center is located in Nelson Hall – Room 200. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. I will be assigned as your advisor during this probationary period. Please call 870-235-5175 to make an appointment with me. To avoid a long wait we recommend that you come in as soon as possible (the FAAC gets busier as advance registration approaches!).

Good luck this semester and we look forward to meeting with you!


Shelly Whaley
Assistant Dean for Advising/Recruitment