Freshmen Probation Assistance

Probationary Students

When a student is placed on probation it is the result of poor grades. Poor grades are a result of different things for different students. The probation program’s aim is to help you identify the possible reasons or situations that led to probation in the first place.

Rather than feel badly about being on probation, praise yourself for taking this step to help yourself. Everyone makes mistakes – it is learning from those mistakes that can make a difference. Once the factors are identified that interfered with your education last semester, specific goals can be set and changes can be made.

If you are a freshmen (0-29 earned hours) and your Southern Arkansas University grade point average is less than a 1.5, you must complete all of the requirements for this program before you will be allowed to register for the following semester.

Steps to complete:

  1. Read the program guidelines.
  2. Read the academic standards.
  3. Complete participation agreement.
  4. Print and complete the academic success exercises. Please return the completed exercises to your advisor at your first meeting.
  5. Review the following resources available for you at SAU.
    • Counseling and Testing
    • Employment Resource Center
    • Financial Aid
    • Multicultural Services
    • Student Life
    • Tutoring Services – Student Support Services
    • University Health Services
    • Writing Center