Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation Department

UAMS South Resident with SAU Athletic Trainers_2883The Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation Department is housed in the W.T. Watson Sports complex and Aquatic Center. The HKR Department currently offers four distinct undergraduate degree programs (teaching and non-teaching degrees) and one graduate degree. The undergraduate programs include a Physical Education, Wellness, and Leisure degree (PEWL) and non-teaching degrees options: Human Performance, Recreation, and Community Service degree, Exercise Science degree, and the Athletic Training degree.  The graduate level degree offered in the HKR Department is a Master of Science in Kinesiology-Coaching.

HKR Mission

The Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation is committed to the education of all students by ensuring opportunities to develop broad philosophical, educational, and scientific foundations in which to base their professional career and a quality life.


Athletic Training
Exercise Science
Human Performance, Recreation, and Community Service
Physical Education, Wellness and Leisure
Masters of Science in Kinesiology - Coaching

The SAU Aquatic Center

aquatic-centerThe mission of the SAU Aquatic Center is to promote a collaborative approach to personal and community health through health promotion, educational programming, swimming education, and service to the Magnolia community. We are committed to provide opportunities that facilitate and support growth in the multiple dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental. The goals of the SAU Aquatic Center are to:

  • Offer programs and services emphasizing awareness, prevention, and positive health behavior change.
  • Provide current and accurate information for safe pool operation.
  • Foster a campus environment supportive of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provide knowledge and skills to improve and maintain health that may enhance academic and/or work performance through swimming education.