Student Worker Employment Policy

The following policy applies to all student workers. Student workers are also subject to the departmental policies where they are employed.

I. Eligibility of Student Workers:

1. A student (graduate or undergraduate) must be registered and in good standing at Southern Arkansas University (SAU) if employed in a student labor program. SAU offers two student labor programs: Federal College Workstudy and SAU Regular where funds are provided by the University. The student labor program in which a student works is based on eligibility requirements.

2. All students (with the exception of international students—See #6) are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( EACH YEAR. This should be done as soon as possible after January 1. If a student is denied Federal College Workstudy and is placed on SAU Regular student labor AND the student does not want other financial aid (loans or grants), they are required to file the FAFSA only ONCE.

3. A student worker must meet SAU’s Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. SAU’s policy can be found at

4. Award of Federal College Workstudy or approval for the SAU Regular student labor program does not guarantee that the student worker will earn the awarded amount. It is the student’s responsibility to find a job. Students may apply for on-campus jobs in any SAU office or department. Students may also check on-campus job listings in the Employment Resource Center located in Reynolds Center, room 217, or online at

5. A work permit must be secured from the Office of Financial Aid (Nelson Hall, room 204) before a student may begin to work. Student workers will be paid only for the hours approved on the time sheet. A student worker will not receive a paycheck until all paperwork is received by the Office of Financial Aid.

6. International students are eligible to work on campus under SAU Regular student labor. Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not required for international students. They must complete paperwork to secure a work permit from the Office of Financial Aid.

II. Payment of Student Workers:

1. Student workers and supervisors will receive a schedule showing the dates that time sheets are due and the dates that checks will be issued.

2. Student worker payroll checks are issued through the SAU Business Office (Overstreet Hall, room 113) on appropriate dates. In order to receive a paycheck, student workers must present a valid picture ID.

3. Student workers are paid at the current federal minimum hourly wage.

III. Student Worker Grievance Process:

1. Any conflict or misunderstanding of work policies or regulations should be discussed first with the student worker’s immediate supervisor and then with the Financial Aid Director if necessary.