SAU Charitable Fund

SAU Charitable Fund exists to help meet the emergency needs of our SAU staff. Funds are available based on donations given by staff members. Charitable funds will be distributed on an individual basis, and will be addressed specifically in relation to a staff’s personal and family circumstance.

Please take a moment to sign up to contribute to this fund.

Our definition of immediate family will be as follows: spouse, mother, father, siblings, and children only.

Charitable Fund Rules and Regulations:

  • When receiving benefits a recipient’s name will not be given to the entire senate. We will try to maintain as much confidence as possible.
  • If an unusual case is brought to the committee the decision will be made by the executive committee (officers) of the Senate.
  • All gifts will be based on available funds.
  • Fund committee will meet and determine gifts before they are given.
  • A brief financial report will be given at every staff senate meeting.
  • Each staff senator member will be the contact person for their department and responsible for notifying the senate of issues that need to be addressed.
  • Once the senate has 100% contributors we will encourage campus wide staff to be members as well by offering a prize upon the completion of their pledge.

Items given to you or immediate family member will depend on the nature of your circumstance

  • Sympathy/Get-well card
  • Gas card/gift card
  • Green plant

The Payroll Deduction Agreement should be completed and submitted to Essie Moore in Financial Services.