Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to serve on the Staff Senate?
    Any member of the classified/nonclassified staff (non-faculty) with at least 12 months (one full year) of service with the University is eligible for Staff Senate. Representatives on the Senate shall be those persons receiving the highest number of votes by their respective constituents. There are three senators from each unit: Administration and Finance, Student Affairs, President, and Academic Affairs. There are also six At-Large senators with three being elected from grade 16 and below and three being elected from grade 17 and above and nonclassified. Senators will each serve a three year term.
  2. How are senators elected?
    Senate elections for vacant positions are held in the spring of each year. The term of office for newly elected senators shall begin on May 1.
  3. How often does the staff senate meet?
    Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month for the calendar year
  4. Why should I get involved in staff senate?
    This is a great opportunity to serve SAU and help make a difference for the employees and the entire University.