Email/Outlook best practices

Improving our e-mail communication and our time management practices on campus can have a dramatic effect on our overall productivity.

On April 7,2014,  Aaron Street presented his research on e-mail best practices.  The presentation was around 45 minutes, and the video is available on this page.

Download the “E-mail Best Practices” guidebook PDF and watch the presentation below.

The presentation and guidebook include the following topics:

  • Planning and writing effective e-mails
  • Using proper tone in e-mail
  • E-mail design
  • Signatures
  • Attachments
  • Event notification e-mails
  • Meeting requests
  • E-voting
  • Outlook Categories
  • Creating Category folders in your Inbox
  • Using Quick Steps
  • Using Rules
  • Scheduling time for e-mail
  • Using Tasks
  • Staying within your 800 MB Inbox limit
  • Improving student use of e-mail (added after presentation)