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Networking- Ayden Sharp
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Ayden Sharp

Howdy, I am Ayden Sharp, I currently am a Senior here at SAU. I am majoring in Financial Management and plan to become a Financial Advisor. I also intern at Mustard Seed Wealth Management here in Magnolia and have gained insightful knowledge to further me in my career. In my free time, I play disc golf and participate on the disc golf team.

I have been an athlete all my life and have met many great, inspiring mentors throughout that time. Little did I know that is how my network started. I personally did not see how networking was a crucial part of gaining a career or experience until later on. Networking is so beneficial for students that want to achieve more after they graduate.

Why Networking is Important 

Networking is interaction between people and developing professional connections. Having this skill can take practice, but it can start earlier than you think. Sports, for example, give athletes many opportunities to grow in connections and gain a personal network. Developing a relationship with those coaches gives you a resource you can use later on in life. This is an important skill to gain and can give you a bump ahead of other candidates. 

My Personal Benefit 

Currently I am interning with Mustard Seed Wealth Management and the reason is because I used my networking skills. I spoke to professors, coaches, and community members. I benefited from starting early as an intern through these networks. If I did not use networking, I would have been blind going into internships. I even went to an event on campus and was able to talk to the owner a year prior to the internship. While interning at Mustard Seed, I went to a chamber of commerce event that was a networking event with other companies in the city. I met so many people that I can contact if needed and gained even more real life skills. Being there at a city event made me realize I need to continue my knowledge on networking. 

Why You Should Use Networking Too 

Using and having a skill in networking can help you in your future endeavors. These skills are essential for personal and professional journeys. Networking is valuable and usable, meaning it will open doors for you and can advance you in different areas. With networking you build confidence, social skills, and adaptability skills. 

Where to Start

If you don’t know where to start, I would start with Career Services. They have an alumni networking event that helps students learn where to begin. Other opportunities can begin with your professors or prior teachers. These are easy, beginner friendly options that students can utilize and build off of. 

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Networking- Ayden Sharp

I have been an athlete all my life and have met many great, inspiring mentors throughout that time. Little did I know that is how


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