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LinkedIn: Your Career Sidekick


What is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform and is free to use. LinkedIn can be used to find jobs, internships, and network with people who can strengthen your relationships. It can be an educational tool for students to learn more about careers and view successors in the career. LinkedIn is also available as an app and offers events, such as webinars you may attend. 

Why should I use it? 

With this platform, students are able to connect with professionals in various areas all across the country . This is for anyone looking for career advancement  or possible networking options that can lead to other opportunities. Students should use this resource to grow a professional online presence and can showcase their skill set. 

Who do I need to follow? 

For students, LinkedIn can be a great way to follow someone in your career field. However, students can follow people in different areas and build a personal network of their choice. It can be valuable for students to follow professors and staff members at their college to continue having a relationship outside of school. This can show the university how well students are doing and continue to grow the school’s network through you. 

How do I get started? 

To begin your journey with LinkedIn, please review the steps below: 

  1. Sign Up and Create Your Profile:
  • Go to the LinkedIn website ( and sign up for an account.
  • Complete your profile by providing accurate information about your education, work experience, skills, and a professional profile picture. Your profile is your online resume, so make it as comprehensive as possible.
  1. Customize Your Profile:
  • Customize your LinkedIn profile with personal experiences, skills, professional milestones, and professional preferences. 
  • Write a captivating Headline-Your headline is the first thing people see below your name. Create a headline that accurately represents who you are professionally. 
  • Write an eye-catching summary in the “About” section of your profile. Use this space to tell your professional story, highlight your achievements, and convey your career goals.
  • Create your own URL
  • Log in to your account
  • Click Me at the top of your homepage
  • Click View Profile
  • Click the Edit icon (Pen icon) next to Public profile & URL
  • Under Edit your custom URL, click the Edit icon next to your URL
  • Type or edit the last part of your new custom URL
  • Click Save 
  1. Build Your Network:
  • Start by connecting with people you know, such as colleagues, classmates, and friends. Use the search function to find and connect with professionals in your industry.
  1. Join Relevant Groups:
  • Search for and join LinkedIn groups related to your field of interest or industry. Groups are a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and engage in discussions.
  1. Share Content:
  • Share relevant articles, updates, and insights on your LinkedIn feed. Sharing content helps you stay visible to your network and positions you as a thought leader.
  • Don’t forget to engage with others’ content by liking, commenting, and sharing when you find something interesting or valuable.
  1. Request Recommendations:
  • Ask former colleagues, supervisors, or clients to write recommendations for your LinkedIn profile. These recommendations add credibility to your profile.
  1. Follow Companies and Influencers: 
  •  Follow companies you’re interested in and industry influencers to stay updated on relevant news and trends.
  1. Network and Connect: 
  • Attend virtual events, webinars, and conferences hosted on LinkedIn. 
  • Connect with professionals you meet at these events and engage in meaningful conversations.
  1. Stay Professional: 
  •  Remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform. Interactions and posts should be tasteful to your professional growth. 


Picture of Christan Patterson

Christan Patterson

Hi, I am Christan Patterson the current VISTA Fellow for Career Services. I recently graduated SAU in 2023 with my bachelors in Criminal Justice. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Criminal Justice and plan using VISTA as a professional tool. I am thankful for the professional development skills learned through out my time here.

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