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Alumni Inspiring Muleriders-Jack Crowley

This is an interview with Jack Crowley, an SAU Graduate. Jack had an interest in giving back to SAU in the form of experiential knowledge. He loved his time in Magnolia, and wants to help make college a little better for current students.


Q – Why did you choose to attend SAU, perhaps over other colleges?

Jack Crowley – I choose SAU as it was the perfect combination of academics, athletics (I played golf at SAU), and school size. The school seemed very invested in it’s students, which was not exactly the vibe I got at big schools!


Q – If you completed an internship while attending SAU, where was it at and what did you do?

JC – I didn’t do an internship, but I have mentored those that have and I would recommend them!


Q – What is the most valuable professional trait you learned during your time at SAU?

JC – Relationship building and networking.


Q – How do you think an office like the Career Services Office is beneficial to students?

JC – It can be overwhelming trying to solve everything out as a kid that is just trying to graduate! The career services office can help make one of the many challenges you will face easier!


Q – What do you wish you would have known before entering the workforce?

JC – I wish I had taken presenting more seriously and really invested in opportunities to speak to all group sizes.


Q – Were you a member of any organizations while at SAU?

JC – The SAU golf team, the business advisory council, Phi Lambda Chi.


Q – How did participating in those organizations help prepare you better for your career? Did you learn anything crucial to your career development from them?

JC – All of these groups helped prepare me for my career. The biggest help was probably the golf team just due to having to learn to fully committed to something.


Q – Would you recommend students give extracurricular organizations a try, from a professional development view?

JC – 1000%!


Q – How did volunteer or community service opportunities assist you in preparing for your career?

JC – Again, any opportunity to work in a group and to have to go through networking, preparation/planning, execution will help you whether you realize it or not. There are so many similarities between these groups and roles like project management, product management, etc. that you can almost always learn something!


Q – What is one piece of advice that you would give current students regarding career readiness and professional development?

JC – Don’t be afraid to ‘be the freshman’. If you can embrace that, you will become unafraid of new opportunity. Too many people are afraid of being the new person or to look stupid, but that is all necessary to grow. With growth comes reward!

Picture of John Doe

John Doe

Jack is a 2009 graduate of Southern Arkansas University. Jack graduated with a B.B.A. - Finance. Jack also played college golf for SAU. He is married to another Mulerider, Audra Crowley. Since graduation, Jack has spent his career in technology working for EMC, Virtustream, and Dell Technologies. While starting as a storage area network engineer, he has been a business operations consultant, managed global business operations, service operations, and revenue operations. Currently, Jack is the Director of Service Delivery for Dell’s healthcare cloud. In his spare time, Jack spends time with his wife and three kids Liam, Emmadel, and Rose. He also still actively golfs and plays hockey.

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Picture of John Doe

John Doe

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